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When your body talks to itself – Bowenwork’s™ Message


A retired ironworker client of mine was suffering from a painful shoulder that was shooting pain down his arm. After two sessions his wife asked him if he wanted to continue doing Bowenwork™. His answer was absolutely yes, because his body was talking to itself and he could feel it. The only time he had ever talked to it in the past was to swear at it when it wasn’t working right and causing pain. His pain was resolved and his arm is fully functional again.

So what is the body saying when Bowen’s gentle moves open the doors of internal communication? We can only speculate after millions of treatments around the world but the pattern from the results goes something like this. After the first two moves are done on the lower back the message sent system wide is “the emergency is over”. Clients drop into parasympathetic activation and stop functioning in a state of “I am injured, how should I compensate?” and move into a condition of “what is at the core of the problem and what must be done to heal it?” The message of these two moves is so powerful that it will take an individual out of a state of shock at an accident scene. This is also a point in a session when clients tend to remember other issues that they may have forgotten to include on their intake checklist. i.e. “By the way, I just remembered I fell really hard on my tailbone a couple of years ago”.

The rebooting and optimizing of the system has begun, it may surface in the conscious or not, it makes no difference. This tends to fly in the face of people accustomed to traditional invasive approaches that are felt in the moment as relief or pain. As consumers we tend to expect immediate gratification even accepting the unfortunate myth of “no pain, no gain” as a signal that something good must be happening. When too often it is just someone stirring the pot or temporarily numbing the ache without the body being engaged in changing how it functions. There are many spontaneous releases of pain, swelling and freedom of movement with Bowenwork™ because the body is just that amazing. Although wonderful when it happens, the same results might take a few days or several sessions to be realized for another individual.

I recently returned from the International Bowen Conference at Yale University and one of the speakers on Embryology made a beautiful case for each of us being one entire entity rather than just a compellation of different parts, which so often underscores allopathic medical approaches. Every ensuing move and wait period is like writing a song that is played out in the brain and resonates in the entire body. Although some notes may crescendo and get our attention they must be supported by the underlying score that weaves melody and harmony.

Every additional move is talking to the brain with unique signals in a pattern and manner that it has never before heard. They entice the brain to ask the question “Am I being injured or can I release the grip now and send in the recovery crew to rebuild and repair? Compensations like muscle splinting that turn little dime size injuries into basketball size areas of pain are no longer needed so the body simple turns off a pattern that it may have turned on years earlier. The communication is as varied and unique as your individual makeup and needs with the brain prioritizing your highest requirements. Unlike the repetitive pain messages that the brain is accustomed to hearing and are often coaxed to ignore this new data gets special attention. Call it working at a higher energy level or a new body consciousness if you like, or just go about your business and let it happen behind the scenes. The beauty of it is that if you follow a few simple rules, like walking more if possible, drinking water and avoid sending a batch of different information with additional bodywork over the next 5 days then good things will happen

After the session is when the body is really going to work on itself. As the signal to reevaluate spreads, the bodies self diagnostic function touches every chemical and structural fiber to reintegrate itself back to its original blueprint of health. The first day or two of this process may be one of internal turmoil, as things shake out and get addressed you may or may not go thru what some people describe as flu like symptoms of detoxification and/or shadow pain (the memory of the pain being released without experiencing the trauma either physically or psychologically). Areas of original injury may pop up that have set the stage for the compensations that became problematic. I.e. Client has a sore, stiff neck, after the first visit an old shoulder injury resurfaces for a day, so next visit address the shoulder and both problems melt away. Since every person is unique to their history of use, abuse, and compensation, the detoxification and revamping of the body’s systems can manifest differently. But the good news is that it is working, will do no harm, and brings forth recovery and long term health.

The Bowen Buzz: A term used amongst Bowen therapists that refers to the euphoric feeling that Bowen can illicit. To quote Elaine Rentsch who worked side by side with Tom Bowen “Bowenwork™ doesn’t just fix problems, it changes people’s lives”. The emotional component is an integral part of the holistic body and Bowen sessions have a profound effect in areas of depression, grief, anxiety and stress. If you don’t need them the body can let them go now.                                   

What else is the body saying to itself? “Hey, I have access to a quick fix pattern to take care of my pain. I’ll use it the next time I have that injury”. This has been proven in the response that clients get that have had a concussion (mild traumatic brain injury) resolved by Bowenwork™. Ensuing concussions (typical in contact sports) are known to spontaneously respond quicker even without additional treatment because the body has learned an improved way of dealing with them.

The greatest growths in human kind have been from men and women who were able to suspend their disbelief long enough to let new information resonate in there souls and sense the truth of it. Can such a relaxing, painless method get profound results for you? Suspend your disbelief, call 447-5696 and let’s find out.