The Genesis of Tadalafil: Accidental Discovery

Tadalafil is a drug that’s used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It’s also used for several other issues, but the most common one is, obviously, ED. It has earned a neat little moniker – people call it “the weekend pill”, all thanks to its prolonged effectiveness, unlike its main competitors. You can buy generic drugs, but there’s a prescription version of it, called Cialis. It’s marketed by Lilly ICOS, LLC. It was approved by the FDA back on November 21, 2003, but it’s history goes way back.

Original Purpose

In 1994, Pfizer (one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the world) was conducting a trial for heart medication. They hoped that it’s going to be a breakthrough when it comes to treatment of several heart conditions. Surprisingly enough, male test subjects weren’t too shy to report this peculiar side-effect: they experienced unexplained, unprovoked and immensely powerful erections while on the drug.

Pfizer reported this to ICOS Corporation. ICOS was an American biotechnology company and the largest biotechnology company in the U.S, as Wikipedia helpfully points out. ICOS scientists were working on a PDE5 drug of their own, for over three years. With Pfizer’s info, they knew they could have something very special with this. In 1998, ICOS teamed up with Lilly ICOS, LLC to further develop Tadalafil.

Accidental Industry Game-Changer

Four years later, in May of 2002, they disclosed that Tadalafil had a half-life of almost eighteen hours. A year after this industry-changing announcement, Tadalafil got the FDA’s approval. The rest is for the history books: Cialis and namely generic tadalafil online options were able to crush Viagra. In fact, the recent numbers show that this ability to buy generic versions of drugs has changed the ED medicine market forever. People seemingly love saving money while also saving their marriages/relationships. Wonder why!

With an incredible backstory like, it’s only fitting that an accidental invention like Tadalafil would have many surprising uses. It’s used to treat chronic prostatitis, fear of heights, heart issues (its original purpose), pulmonary arterial hypertension, premature ejaculation, and even female sexual dysfunction (FSD), among many other.

Most Common Testicular Diseases

Testicular diseases are rare, but they can be dangerous and even life-threating in addition to causing many personal problems. What are testicles? They are important male sexual glands that are responsible for sperm production. Testicles are quite sensitive to temperature and pain. There are different conditions that affect them, and testicular cancer is the most serious one. Find out more about their basic types and other relevant details below. If you want just to get and maintain erections, give tadalafil a try.

Different Forms of Testicular Diseases

Just like any other cancer type, testicular cancer occurs when testicular cells start developing certain mutations, thus, causing testicles to misbehave. These cells can start multiplying recklessly and invade the body areas that they don’t belong to. This process also creates a painless and slow-growing lump or firmness in testicles. In many cases, men discover this condition at its early stages. The good news is that this testicular condition is nearly always curable if men get medical care early.

Testicular Torsion

When this condition occurs, the twisting blocks blood vessels to testicles, and some men have specific developmental problems that make them susceptible to it. Although this testicular disease is rare, patients need to get emergency medical attention because testicles can die if the right treatment is delayed. Torsion often occurs during puberty.


The epididymis is a coiled and long tube sitting alongside testicles. Its basic task is storing the sperm while it matures. This testicular condition happens when this tube becomes infected or inflamed. Some men develop it because of sexually transmitted diseases, while others have epididymitis because of injuries, pressure and urine backwashing. It causes different symptoms that include testicle pain, fever and swelling.


It’s a dilation of veins above testicles, and this condition is often harmless. In rare cases, it may impair male fertility and lead to moderate or mild pain. If you notice any bulge above testicles, ask doctors to examine you carefully.


This testicular condition refers to fluid collection around testicles, and it’s usually benign. Some men develop it because of injuries, while others have no obvious cause.

How to Stay Sexually Powerful even after 50

The aging process is irreversible, so no one can avoid its consequences. However, each man can prevent the occurrence of severe abnormalities and sex complications. Healthy lifestyle, proper eating, regular exercises, no stress and other positive habits can help you stay healthy longer. Additionally, all these factors immensely contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction and complications, associated with it. Thus, if you avoid the cause, you can eliminate the risk of the outcome appearance. Besides, blood circulation, heart functioning, kidney and liver processes get slower and considerably weaker as a man ages, so sex power decreases as well.

Consult your medical specialist without a delay, in case you experience problems in your sexual life. Provide the medical specialist with details of your underlying health state, accompanying health disorders and other symptoms. Ask a healthcare provider about possible ways to balance sexual functions and stay active and potent at any time.

Recommendations and Instructions for Excellent Sexual Experiences

It is a well-known fact that in more than 40% of instances, erectile dysfunction is the reason of psychical conditions. Males over 50 are often anxious before the intercourse, as they fear to get no erection. Besides, constant stress at work, relationship complications, depression and similar issues launch devastating signs of impotence. Additionally, dysfunction can appear as a result of serious underlying health conditions, such as heart-related impairments, blood pressure disorders, abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides range, kidney or liver dysfunctions and other signs of the aging process.

Striving to overcome the complication and preserve healthy, successful and pleasurable sex over years, you need to eliminate all the physical and psychological factors. Find an exclusive treatment to help you balance the disorder. Cialis in France is ultimately popular and demanded, as it can promote a durable effect with minimal risks. Manage your weight, keep a track of your eating habits and start exercising in order to stay active even in your 50s. Follow the recommendations, and you are not likely to witness any problems associated with sex.