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You are not just a collection of parts but a Biocomputer that has been here through every moment of good times and bad. When asked gently and precisely with Bowenwork procedures you become your own best diagnostician and activate the resources needed to reset your optimal health. It’s Empowerment not reliance.

                           WHY IS BOWENWORK® THE BEST CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE?

    • It resolves pain – it does not cover it up or distract the body with short term effects. Bowenwork® gets to the cause of the problem and your body stops telling you that something is wrong.
    • Bowenwork® is renowned for how few sessions are needed (usually 1 – 5, once a week) to get lasting results. Meaning an overall savings in time, money and a faster return to a full life.
    • The actions of the work accelerate for 5 – 10 days after a session unlike other modalities where the effects of manipulation start wearing off immediately. 
    • It sets the stage by activating an immediate stress reduction response and continues addressing the body painlessly to gain its cooperation.
    • It catches and resolves many problems at the same time whether they are targeted as primary concerns or not.
    • When your body makes the changes the results are integrated and they last.
    • It addresses every system of the body. Structural, nervous, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, hormonal, etc., your brain knows about all of you.
    • It stimulates energy, balances emotions and promotes recuperative sleep.
    • It is effective with all ages and sizes at any stage of a problem.
    • It works with and in spite of any medications


  • Your body will work at an accelerated speed and capacity but always within its capability. There is no risk of injury or being prescribed a wrong or dangerous drug.

                        What is Bowenwork® good for?

The Health intake form also serves as a list of many of the issues and areas where Bowenwork® has been proven effective. There are other very responsive conditions including chemotherapy, radiation and around the surgical environment. There are countless variations on human health but your body knows all of yours even without a fancy Latin name. Please check out the Testimonials of some of those that Bowenwork has helped.

    Bowenwork® is the most profound advance in healing technology in the world today. It is not an operator directed approach that manipulates tissue, spine or energy to put it where the therapist thinks it should be. It does not diagnose or micromanage. Your body is the ultimate authority on managing the trillions of cells and variables that work in the coordination of health. With over 100 procedures Bowenwork™ ends the emergency and activates repair and return to optimal function with fast and complete results.

    This site may seem large but the Get Started button will guide you through what you need to know or just call 707-447-5696 for an appointment or a FREE consultation like so many others have done.

    “I have been committed to the highest quality service and care as a full time therapist for over 22 years, including the Medical Staff of the 1996 Olympic Games. For over 11 years I have specialized in ‘The Original Bowen Technique’ and am registered as an Master Practitioner. See the full Biography for all credentials. I have authored over 30 Articles  on Bowenwork® and created an interactive Microsoft Excel program called COR for Other Bowen Therapists  using the “Original Bowen Technique”.

    I have been blessed to do work that I love that brings out the best in others. Let’s work together to achieve your goals in health.

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Forget that you will be ill. If you are ill Even, you should live every moment you will ever have to its fullest. Focusing your interest on things that enable you to get pleasure can be an important portion of the recovery procedure. As time goes on, you’ll see you are much less preoccupied together with your illness, and you will notice all your family members are always there with you. One final take note. I’m sure you’ve noticed that attitude is normally everything, so when your battling tumor keeping a good attitude can become a very hard factor to do. I can’t stress enough the need for a good attitude, studies show that individuals who can maintain a good attitude throughout their cancers treatment have an improved chance of defeating this awful disease.. Continue reading

A bacterium linked to heart disease and capable of causing chronic swelling.

Pneumoniae with heart disease units the stage for this pathogen’s involvement in other chronic conditions. This work is, in some ways, reminiscent of tests done more than 15 years ago on infections and ulcers. Those scholarly studies were seen with skepticism, but Drs. Warren and Marshal, the researchers who pioneered that work received the Nobel Prize this full year. The Graefe’s paper builds on data from the same group that demonstrated, for the very first time, an infectious agent is certainly connected with AMD by epidemiological research .. Continue reading

Also in Global Health news: U

Also in Global Health news: U .S. Food aid declines; agriculture in Zimbabwe; U.S.-backed ITN network; reducing maternal mortality; DNDI expands; health care in Congo U.S. Food Help Declines, Despite Two-Year 53 percent Funding Boost Although U.S. Food aid funding has elevated by 53 % over the last two years, a Authorities Accountability Office statement on Wednesday said that through the same time period, the amount of meals delivered to address emergencies fell 5 % abroad, the Washington Independent reports. Continue reading

Associate professor in the Section of Obstetrics.

Clinical patient safety interventions reduce errors in obstetrical care Researchers at Yale College of Medicine have implemented patient basic safety enhancements to dramatically reduce errors and improve the staff’s own perception of the protection climate in obstetrical care. Edmund F. Funai, M.D., associate professor in the Section of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at Yale, will present preliminary results from this research at the Culture for Maternal Fetal Medication Annual Getting together with on February 2 in Dallas, Texas. Around 44,000 to 98,000 People in america die in hospitals each year as a total consequence of errors. Continue reading

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In a report presented Feb. 4 at the 2008 Conference on Opportunistic and Retroviruses Infections in Boston, a global team of AIDS professionals reports that nevirapine given once daily to breast-feeding infants from 8 to 42 days older decreased by almost fifty % the rate of HIV transmission via breast-feeding at 6 weeks of age. The decrease occurred compared to a single dose of nevirapine directed at infants at birth, the current standard of care. At six months of age, the chance of postnatal HIV an infection or loss of life in infants who received the six-week program was almost one-third significantly less than the chance for infants given just a single dose. The study was led by three groups of investigators at The Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with investigators in Ethiopia, India and Uganda. Continue reading

A significant signaling proteins that spurs development of new arteries.

Avastin, in addition to most angiogenesis inhibitors, are infused now systemically. If the drugs could possibly be targeted more to the brand new vessels being shaped by the tumor directly, they might not bring about the relative unwanted effects seen now.. Blocking angiogenesis signaling from inside cell can lead to serious health problems Angiogenesis inhibitors that block a tumor’s advancement of an unbiased blood supply have already been touted seeing that effective tumor fighters that bring about fewer unwanted effects than traditional chemotherapy. Continue reading

Raising new queries about the security of devices which were scrutinized for decades.

A handful of experts have released papers on cases of anaplastic huge cell lymphoma in breasts implant patients. Within the last 3 years, medical reviews of these studies have raised brand-new questions about the hyperlink and prompted FDA’s review. The lymphoma can be an aggressive type of cancer, and individuals’ survival varies broadly between different types of the disease. Chemotherapy is normally the first type of treatment and sufferers who have total remission have gone to live long, healthful lives. Individuals who relapse are often treated with a bone marrow transplant and also have a lower rate of survival. Continue reading

These same medical services procured the content through multiple external sources.

Previously, these same medical services procured the content through multiple external sources, which can lead to inconsistencies of the data parameters when integrating with existing systems. Now, customers and their practice management vendors can utilize one source, supplying one consistent file format for all code pieces that are up to date quarterly when available. Related StoriesHealthcare technology sociable event of the year opens entriesOJ Bio at Medica 2015 – Stage of Care diagnostics' function in reducing antibiotics prescribingSurgical startup seeks funding to build virtual actuality training libraryAtlanta-structured Sage Software is the first developer partner to utilize Alpha II in the direct offering of the CodeSets to its customers. Continue reading

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Typically they are in regions of high unmet medical want. BioLeap use its computational fragment-centered drug design system to conceive substances de novo that are molecularly customized to bind to the prospective. GSK shall synthesize and check the substances in biochemical and cellular assays. The procedure shall iterate until GSK selects a Lead Candidate. The conditions of the contract for services weren’t disclosed. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq stated that these new warnings covers three-quarters of the front and back again of cigarette packs, up from one-half. Continue reading

People are seeking more orthodontics services today.

Most of the people who express those sentiments have a tendency to be those who are not quite conversant with the complete range of problems that the Newbury Recreation area Orthodontics practitioner meets with. Simple cases that can adequately addressed by using dental braces may not qualify Newbury Recreation area Orthodontics to be a specialty on its own right, but what of the main problems – like where total rows of tooth are ‘out of order?’ Since it turns out, some of the complications the orthodontic practitioner is definitely presented with are truly complex, the so-called ‘mistakes of nature’ which she or he has to somehow right surgically. Continue reading