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You are not just a collection of parts but a Biocomputer that has been here through every moment of good times and bad. When asked gently and precisely with Bowenwork procedures you become your own best diagnostician and activate the resources needed to reset your optimal health. It’s Empowerment not reliance.

                           WHY IS BOWENWORK® THE BEST CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE?

    • It resolves pain – it does not cover it up or distract the body with short term effects. Bowenwork® gets to the cause of the problem and your body stops telling you that something is wrong.
    • Bowenwork® is renowned for how few sessions are needed (usually 1 – 5, once a week) to get lasting results. Meaning an overall savings in time, money and a faster return to a full life.
    • The actions of the work accelerate for 5 – 10 days after a session unlike other modalities where the effects of manipulation start wearing off immediately. 
    • It sets the stage by activating an immediate stress reduction response and continues addressing the body painlessly to gain its cooperation.
    • It catches and resolves many problems at the same time whether they are targeted as primary concerns or not.
    • When your body makes the changes the results are integrated and they last.
    • It addresses every system of the body. Structural, nervous, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, hormonal, etc., your brain knows about all of you.
    • It stimulates energy, balances emotions and promotes recuperative sleep.
    • It is effective with all ages and sizes at any stage of a problem.
    • It works with and in spite of any medications


  • Your body will work at an accelerated speed and capacity but always within its capability. There is no risk of injury or being prescribed a wrong or dangerous drug.

                        What is Bowenwork® good for?

The Health intake form also serves as a list of many of the issues and areas where Bowenwork® has been proven effective. There are other very responsive conditions including chemotherapy, radiation and around the surgical environment. There are countless variations on human health but your body knows all of yours even without a fancy Latin name. Please check out the Testimonials of some of those that Bowenwork has helped.

    Bowenwork® is the most profound advance in healing technology in the world today. It is not an operator directed approach that manipulates tissue, spine or energy to put it where the therapist thinks it should be. It does not diagnose or micromanage. Your body is the ultimate authority on managing the trillions of cells and variables that work in the coordination of health. With over 100 procedures Bowenwork™ ends the emergency and activates repair and return to optimal function with fast and complete results.

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    “I have been committed to the highest quality service and care as a full time therapist for over 22 years, including the Medical Staff of the 1996 Olympic Games. For over 11 years I have specialized in ‘The Original Bowen Technique’ and am registered as an Master Practitioner. See the full Biography for all credentials. I have authored over 30 Articles  on Bowenwork® and created an interactive Microsoft Excel program called COR for Other Bowen Therapists  using the “Original Bowen Technique”.

    I have been blessed to do work that I love that brings out the best in others. Let’s work together to achieve your goals in health.